Driving Further for Your Buck – Green Driving Tips

We all have to complete everything we can to stretch our bucks a little bit further these days – waiting for the seasonal sales and clipping coupons to get the best deals around. Gas is unlikely to ever go on sale so we will need to be a bit more inventive to have the most out of our gas dollar. That’s the problem. You’ll simply have to learn how to drive more economically and make the gas you place into your car get you further down the road should you can’t save money on buying your gas.


Naturally, how much you can save largely is dependent upon your driving style first of all but some drivers can save over 40% of their gas by utilizing these greener driving tips – maybe even more than 45%. These tips are not only great for your bank balance but they also make a big difference to the environment – what a bonus.

Dump the junk – one of the reasons why a large SUV uses more fuel than the usual smaller car is as a result of the extra weight – carrying excess baggage around in your trunk along everywhere you go can make a significant difference to your gas consumption. Go without your ski rack unless you’re going skiing, ditch the golf clubs unless you are on your way to the golf course – for every single 100 pounds of junk your car is carrying around your fuel motor will lose around 2% of its fuel economy.


Maintain your tires – tires not only help make your car handle safely they also make a significant difference to fuel economy. Ensure your tires are inflated to the correct pressures as suggested for your type of vehicle. Underinflated tires use more gas, it’s as elementary as that.

Drive smoothly – slamming your foot hard on the emergency and accelerator braking might be fun and make you seem like a race car driver but it is additionally a very inefficient way to drive. Every time you stop, accelerate and start in your car is has got to battle inertia – resistance to the movement – and therefore takes energy – gas is energy therefore you use less gas if you drive smoothly and thoroughly (it’s also more comfortable for your passengers).

Should you drive on the optimum speed, reduce your speed – driving smoothly is something but it also helps. The optimum speed for fuel efficiency is around 60 mph (as outlined by experts) as well as for every 5 mph you decide to go over that speed it reduces your fuel efficiency by 6 percent. Bear that in mind the very next time you set off on a road trip.


Get a fuel efficient car – older cars are generally less fuel efficient, especially several motor manufacturers are now making an effort to increase the fuel efficiency of even larger SUV’s etc. If you’re looking for the best alternative for the old Dodge San Juan Capistrano has some great offers – and many newer Dodges have better fuel consumption than older models.

Car pooling – is another option to driving everywhere. Buddying through to a car journey not only saves everybody fuel but also means less cars (and hence congestion) on the roads. If two or three people are now living in the same travel and area on the same place for work it will make a huge difference to their pockets.

If you drive them right you’ll get even more miles for your dollar, check out the fabulous selection of cars at OC Auto for some fantastic models with excellent fuel economy.

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