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Excellent Wet Performance

The Sport BluResponse uses special polymer compound intended to increase the levels of grip and handling when driving on wet surfaces. The tyre has been designed with large central grooves to aid in the evacuation of water quickly – significantly lowering the chances of aquaplaning.

Dunlop’s Short Braking technology in the tyre tyre blocks also help to reduce the braking distances on both dry and wet roads.


Fuel Savings & Quiet Ride

When designing the Sport BluResponse, Dunlop employed an aerodynamic shape and used a low heat compound to lower the amount of rolling resistance – up to 30% lower, in Dunlop’s internal tests, when comparing the tyre to its predecessor, the Dunlop SP FastResponse.

To try and improve the quality of the ride, Dunlop also use closed shoulder grooves on the tyre to suppress the level of noise – making for a quieter journey ride.

Find out more about the wet performance technology in the Dunlop Sport BluResponse:

What The Magazines Say

Auto Express

auto-express-logoFollowing the product launch in early 2013, Jamie Fretwell from Auto Express tested the tyres and said, “the BluResponse is a worthy addition to the brand’s range.

“Polymers in the tyre help it adapt to the road surface quickly. Cornering grip in the wet was impressive and the car turned in nicely, with the tyre’s stiff outer shoulder helping here.”

Auto Zeitung

AutoZeit_DU_Sport_BluRespoWhen German car magazine got their hands on the Dunlop tyre as a part of their annual tyre tests in 2013, they declared it the eventual winner.

In their report they described the tyre by saying, “the Dunlop Sport BluResponse is driving at the highest level, on wet or on the dry! The tyre is fast and secure.”

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