How to Properly Keep a Car in Long Term Storage

A car has been designed to use regularly. That may be the best way to ensure that it stays in good shape. As opposed to what some people might think, you cannot abandon a car completely for a few months or even a few weeks and then expect it to operate smoothly like you just used it yesterday. However, for various reasons, people do need to leave their cars unattended for long periods of time. When this is the case, here are a few tips which can help you out.

1. Provide it with a service

You will want the car to be in the very best condition possible before it is into storage so a trip to the service is recommended. Specifically, you will want the engine and the fluid levels to all be how they should be otherwise you risk the car not starting when you are likely to need it again. You will also wish to pay some attention to other components within the hood such as belts and hoses.


2. Lubricate the car

When the car will be stored in cold temperatures, it ought to be lubricated before storage, specially the hinges. Hood and trunk afterwards, this is because otherwise they might freeze shut and you will definitely find it very difficult to open the doors.


3. Charge battery

Seeing as how the battery will not get a chance to recharge for a good while, it must be fully charged beforehand since the electronics will still drain power. If the period of time for the storage is really long, as in a few months or longer, it is better just to disconnect the battery.


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