Think First Before Replacing Your Windshield


What auto glass repair companies do not want you to find out and how to prevent them!

Windshield glass replacement always pops into your head because this is component of your vehicle that protects the safety of the driver, when it comes to auto glass repair. Together with your seatbelt and airbags, windshield form area of the SAFETY RESTRAINT SYSTEM or commonly called SRS. The windshield actually makes the airbag works since if the windshield cracks just before the deployment after a collision, the airbag cannot protect from your driver from flying broken glass. A similar holds true if the windshield is off inferior quality which breaks prematurely where there is nothing to assist the roof. As a result sense during a roll over and you are held by the seatbelt and where the windshield failed straight away, the seatbelt is also rendered useless. That is why there is no need to install cheap non OEM windshield with your vehicle as it forms the best line of defense during collision or roll over.

The windshield glass replacement is a big industry by itself and many Glass Company specialized upon it and has prospered without doing other glass repairs. But what do you really need to know when having a glass windshield replacement? Will you compromise your safety just to get a cheap replacement windshield? A lot of windshield installation is carried out by plenty of small garages but for your safety, you ought to look for safety glass installation standard certification required by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). This was put in place by the US Department of Transportation to ensure that all windshield installation is carried out in accepted procedures regulated by the government. To give you the highlights, here are recommended safety windshield safety practices:

Consumption of certified adhesives like urethane recommend by Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS)

As per regulation, only OEM urethane adhesives must be used for delicate windshield installation and whenever applied, the part should have the expiry date to treat and this goes for all the adhesives materials utilized for this job. This includes the primer and prep materials being used through the installation. The installation ought not to be continued until certified replacement materials are found if the expiry date is passed. This can ensure that the installation is safety reliable and compliant.

Use of certified priming materials which has passed AGRSS regulation

The priming materials are also certified and must include expiry dates on the product when used during the installation, as stated above. Again is case where expiry date has passed, the replacement also needs to pass AGRSS guidelines.

Utilization of windshield installation material with air bags must also be AGRSS certified

Not all urethane used for windshield installation are the same. In the event the vehicle possesses an airbag, this can be particularly true. During the windshield installation, ensure that only OEM compliant urethane rated adhesives, primer and related materials are used.

Consumption of safety procedures that avoid contaminating the inside of your vehicles during installations

When eliminating the old adhesive sealants, make sure that a proper gap is left for that new adhesives. If the vehicle the vehicle has a airbag, it is very important note that only adhesive RATED for airbag applications are utilized. If this is not done, it can cause premature windshield failure.

Before using the vehicle, safety and Time practices involved during curing period.

After the installation, it is imperative that the National Glass Association (NGA) certified technician has done the following checks to ensure that the windshield is installed properly:

Is the windshield is perfectly at the center of the car?

Is the molding perfectly fits around the circumference from the windshield?

May be the molding flat around the circumference?

Is the windshield flush on the vehicle frame?

Tip for auto glass repair

After a windshield glass replacement is created, make sure the technician show you the windshield wiper motor is working properly. Sometimes, the blades might not be lying flat or perhaps the motor will never stop within the right sequence. It is better to learn this now than discovering it out later and you will be charged for this. There is nothing more upsetting than finding out later your windshield motor is not working and that you must fork out another $100 or maybe more to fix it. Most auto glass repair center does this automatically but it is useful to you to know this in case they forget it.

Most auto glass repair garages can be bought in the online directory but ensure you ask for FMVSS certification to obtain a good service. When the auto glass repair is completed, make certain your new windshield has the FMVSS certification LABEL attached to it. To guarantee the safety of your vehicle., this too goes the same when buying a used car.

How to Properly Keep a Car in Long Term Storage

A car has been designed to use regularly. That may be the best way to ensure that it stays in good shape. As opposed to what some people might think, you cannot abandon a car completely for a few months or even a few weeks and then expect it to operate smoothly like you just used it yesterday. However, for various reasons, people do need to leave their cars unattended for long periods of time. When this is the case, here are a few tips which can help you out.

1. Provide it with a service

You will want the car to be in the very best condition possible before it is into storage so a trip to the service is recommended. Specifically, you will want the engine and the fluid levels to all be how they should be otherwise you risk the car not starting when you are likely to need it again. You will also wish to pay some attention to other components within the hood such as belts and hoses.


2. Lubricate the car

When the car will be stored in cold temperatures, it ought to be lubricated before storage, specially the hinges. Hood and trunk afterwards, this is because otherwise they might freeze shut and you will definitely find it very difficult to open the doors.


3. Charge battery

Seeing as how the battery will not get a chance to recharge for a good while, it must be fully charged beforehand since the electronics will still drain power. If the period of time for the storage is really long, as in a few months or longer, it is better just to disconnect the battery.


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What You Have To Know With Bitcoin


As we learned with Lira, my new Fiat 500, Bitcoin has already been a powerful force within my life.

Within days of my Eureka! moment, I’d booked flights to San Jose, CA for Bitcoin 2013, the first North American conference for the emerging payment system.

Being a different and resourceful lad, I made the decision to fly through San Francisco, providing an opportunity to drive my favourite muscle car, the Dodge Challenger SRT8 392, around the Bay Area’s boundless roads.

I first fell in love with the 392 last summer during a weekend trip to our family’s country house in Quebec’s Eastern Townships. There, the broad-shouldered cruiser was a tight squeeze on the winding single-lane passes. California would provide more Lebensraum for the 6.4L V8 thirsty lungs. All over, this was shaping up to become unique and memorable weekend.

Flying into San Francisco on Friday afternoon, I picked up the jaw-dropping Dodge from the Park ‘N’ Fly and confidently cruised to Union City to meet Jim Yu of Tamerlane’s Thoughts.

For those of you who don’t know, TT is my favorite blog in all of autoblogdom. Bar none. With his peerless and unusual blend of geopolitics, travel and food and cars, Jim’s is the only blog I visit on regular basis. Far more than Jalopnik or TTAC, a lot less AutoGuide. Of course I was greatly looking forward to the blogger extraordinaire/law-talking-guy.

We met at Tapioca Express, around the east side of the Bay Area, for the best popular bubble tea… on the planet. The lineup was the door, something I’ve never seen in a bubble tea shop with a Friday at 4: 00pm.

We chatted for a good hour about our unorthodox backgrounds, our travels, and ultimately in regards to the disruptive technology that had taken me 2,500km at home. If a bus company inLatvia and Bolivia, or Côte d’Ivoire starts accepting payments through the Bitcoin network, I fully accept Jim to hop aboard the very overnight.

Our meeting was a convivial success and I look forward to crossing paths with Jim again soon.

Continuing my journey to San Jose and also the conference, I clutched the pistol grip shifter and non-cryptographically hashed my way down the Interstate. That’s a Bitcoin joke. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Pulling up to the valet in the Westin San Jose, coupled to the convention center hosting the conference, the smiles in the faces of the admiring young staff filled me with happiness. This is a car that brightens people’s days. It’s a rarer sight in comparison to the Mustang and Camaro, and better for this.

After meeting a few Silicon Valley developers in the registration line, among whom had all his savings dedicated to Bitcoin(! ), we shuffled in to the main hall to take inside the opening presentations. With the drinks flowing and the crowd buzzing, the Winklevoss twins took the stage as keynote speakers. As owners of ~1% of the current 11.3 million Bitcoins (there will only ever be 21 million), the brothers famous for their social media marketing vision were bullish on Bitcoin’s potential. Their most memorable quote, borrowed from Mahatma Ghandi and repeated countless times throughout the weekend, was:

First they ignore you, they laugh to you, then they fight you, then you certainly win.

And where about this continuum is Bitcoin today? Transitioning from the first phase to the second, I expect. The fight is some ways away.

Pursuing the Winklevii talk were two and a half days ofconnecting and sharing, and dreaming of a greater world. Although I lacked the technical acumen of many attendees, I felt extremely at home with all the culture. Unexpectedly so. But any group that can quote St. Thomas Aquinas, Marcus Arelius, and Aristotle in a single meal is difficult for me to never love.

Another unexpected realization stemming in the conference was just how undeveloped and open the area is. Bitcoin is still geeky, confusing, and largely unknown to the mainstream, much like Twitter was once i started making use of it in January 2009.

Today, of course, Twitter is everywhere. You can’t watch the news anchor on television or get a hotdog in a mobile cart without seeing an @ symbol and “follow us” encouragement. Twitter has taken 4.5 years to evolve from something that only social media mavens used into the social media goliath it is today. Bitcoin, leveraging always-at-hand smartphones and even higher SM adoption, as well as an incented global community of innovators, will see widespread adoption more rapidly than any technological revolution ever has.

Early Monday morning, I said goodbye to my Argentine roommate and sleepily checked out of our own room. I drifted back onto the Interstate with the sunrise and floated to SFO on a cloud of exhaustion and exhaust. I’d slept lower than 10 hours in 3 nights and the Challenger’s wide seats practically whispered if you ask me. 40’s on 4 gently pulsed through the sublime Harman Kardon speakers.

Back in the airport, I relinquished the 392’s keys once more. Not for the last time, I hoped.

Much like Bitcoin, the SRT8 392 doesn’t make a great deal of sense up until you use it. Once you try either, you’ll notice that they’re both faster, more pleasurable, and just plain better than what you’re utilized to.

That’s the secrets. That’s the revolution.

P.S. While a Challenger SRT8 would cost ~450 Bitcoins today, used ones will depreciate while Bitcoin continues to increase in value. I’d happily pick one up for .5 Bitcoins within a couple years… Then they laugh, even though i’m not prepared to buy one yet!

P.P.P.S. If you’re in the Edmonton area, join our (very casual) bi-weekly Meet-Up group to obtain connected with local Bitcoiners.

Driving Further for Your Buck – Green Driving Tips

We all have to complete everything we can to stretch our bucks a little bit further these days – waiting for the seasonal sales and clipping coupons to get the best deals around. Gas is unlikely to ever go on sale so we will need to be a bit more inventive to have the most out of our gas dollar. That’s the problem. You’ll simply have to learn how to drive more economically and make the gas you place into your car get you further down the road should you can’t save money on buying your gas.


Naturally, how much you can save largely is dependent upon your driving style first of all but some drivers can save over 40% of their gas by utilizing these greener driving tips – maybe even more than 45%. These tips are not only great for your bank balance but they also make a big difference to the environment – what a bonus.

Dump the junk – one of the reasons why a large SUV uses more fuel than the usual smaller car is as a result of the extra weight – carrying excess baggage around in your trunk along everywhere you go can make a significant difference to your gas consumption. Go without your ski rack unless you’re going skiing, ditch the golf clubs unless you are on your way to the golf course – for every single 100 pounds of junk your car is carrying around your fuel motor will lose around 2% of its fuel economy.


Maintain your tires – tires not only help make your car handle safely they also make a significant difference to fuel economy. Ensure your tires are inflated to the correct pressures as suggested for your type of vehicle. Underinflated tires use more gas, it’s as elementary as that.

Drive smoothly – slamming your foot hard on the emergency and accelerator braking might be fun and make you seem like a race car driver but it is additionally a very inefficient way to drive. Every time you stop, accelerate and start in your car is has got to battle inertia – resistance to the movement – and therefore takes energy – gas is energy therefore you use less gas if you drive smoothly and thoroughly (it’s also more comfortable for your passengers).

Should you drive on the optimum speed, reduce your speed – driving smoothly is something but it also helps. The optimum speed for fuel efficiency is around 60 mph (as outlined by experts) as well as for every 5 mph you decide to go over that speed it reduces your fuel efficiency by 6 percent. Bear that in mind the very next time you set off on a road trip.


Get a fuel efficient car – older cars are generally less fuel efficient, especially several motor manufacturers are now making an effort to increase the fuel efficiency of even larger SUV’s etc. If you’re looking for the best alternative for the old Dodge San Juan Capistrano has some great offers – and many newer Dodges have better fuel consumption than older models.

Car pooling – is another option to driving everywhere. Buddying through to a car journey not only saves everybody fuel but also means less cars (and hence congestion) on the roads. If two or three people are now living in the same travel and area on the same place for work it will make a huge difference to their pockets.

If you drive them right you’ll get even more miles for your dollar, check out the fabulous selection of cars at OC Auto for some fantastic models with excellent fuel economy.

Scams: Understanding the Warning Signs

“Oh what fun it is to drive!”

Will not want to simply throw your old one away, though after years of driving your automobile, you have decided to get a new one. All vehicles have a salvage value following their life, whether it is well under a few hundred or up to a few thousand dollars.

For this reason, a lot of people choose to call a salvage or junk car removal company not only to remove their car, but to receive cash for it as well. In order to avoid falling victim to shady companies, there are many junk car scams that transpire that you ought to know of, however.

Bait and Switch

One of the more common scams that occur with selling junk cars is the infamous switch and bait. You may call a removal company who will give you an estimate in line with the information you provide concerning the junk car’s condition, typically.

This estimate ought to be firm, which means when they come to pick up the vehicle, you receive the things you were quoted. It is a good idea to consider another company to avoid being scammed if a junk car removal company decides to offer you under your original quoted amount. Do not let anyone pressure you into turning your automobile over cheaper.

Registration and Title Issues

Make sure that once you transfer the ownership in the vehicle that it must be done properly. In the event the title or registration is just not transferred properly, it can result in several offenses such as parking violations being charged to you personally, even if the car is no longer within your possession. Selecting a reputable car buying clients are the best way to avoid this pitfall.

When you are buying a junk car as an alternative to selling one, you should never purchase a car without a title, even if the seller offers you a form of written authorization that lets you sign up for the title in your name, additionally. The claim of the lost title is a popular scam run by some unscrupulous sellers who want to make a quick buck from undisclosed salvage vehicles.

Paying by Certified Check

While check writing is now obsolete in today’s society, a more popular version of any buying junk car scam is when the consumer offers to pay by check. While this by itself isn’t suspicious, if they ask to write the check for more and have you refund the main difference this should set off red warning and flags bells.

These checks hardly ever clear your bank and you end up being forced to pay the funds to cover the price of the check and any fees associated with the check bouncing. Even though the check is fraudulent, you will still be held responsible through your banking institution.

There are numerous scams which are being perpetuated on unsuspecting victims on a daily basis in the used car industry. Understanding the warning signs of such scams can assist you avoid falling victim and losing money.


Nissan 240Z—The Game Changer

Introduced in 1969, the Nissan 240Z was something of a radical departure for that times. It wasn’t a muscle car, it wasn’t a V8, it wasn’t what was expected of a Japanese import during the time. Japanese automakers were making cars during those times quite unlike what you see today at West Covina Nissan. They tended to be small uninspiring, economical and cars, and mostly under-powered. The claim to fame of the Japanese imports of the time? These folks weresolid and good, reliable cars. In other words, these were boring. The newest Nissan 240Z would single-handedly change all of that.


The First Japanese Sports Car

Nissan realized that the Japanese automakers had to prove they could produce a car that fun ended up being to drive. They decided to follow the European example and make a sleek sports car just like the English Jaguar, only more affordable-and reliable. They included a SOHC inline-6 cylinder engine (130 hp in Japan, a slightly larger 2.4 liter 151 hp engine model for that States) and used interchangeable parts using their company car models to keep costs down. The result was an unqualified winner. Finally, the car buyer had the option of buying a fast, economical, fun-to-drive sports car that was an exotic import and reliable to boot. Nobody had ever seen anything want it.


The 240Z was introduced in America in October 1969 and sold over 45,000 units through the 1971 model year. In 1972 and 1972 the numbers were 50,000 and 40,000, respectively. These were huge numbers for any relatively unknown Japanese car company as well as a new, unusual sports car. What few would have imagined was the new 240Z pretty much sold itself: it was sleek, fast, and economical to buy and drive. The automobile started a dynasty of ‘Z’ sports car offerings from Nissan, and launched Nissan on the path to recognition and success among the world’s leading car brands. Not too harmful to a little sports car that many said had absolutely no way in competition with the big muscle cars of the late 1960s. Today the muscle cars seem like quaint dinosaurs and also the little 240Z looks surprisingly modern. Would you ever have seen that coming? Evidently, only Nissan knows the answer to that question.

You can get the latest incarnation of the legendary Nissan ‘Z’ series of sports cars, and a host of other attractive Nissan trucks and cars, just a mouse click away at Check them out today.


Wait Is Over With The Upgraded Lexus CT 200h For 2014

Prior to its launch around the 21st of November on the 2013 Guangzhou Motor Show in China, Lexus has revealed pictures of what the latest 2014 CT 200h may be like.

The CT 200h has become updated with a new grille, thanks to a new bumper with wider and lower openings. Following that, there is a restyled rear bumper as well as new alloy wheels.

More information will likely be dropped as soon as the Lexus CT 200h launches later this month.


What to Look for in a Good Dealership

FairviewFord 1-1

Buying a new car is a big decision. You’re going to spend countless hours in your new vehicle, commuting to work, taking the kids to various practices and games and trekking across the country on your summer vacations. Not to mention, most people spend several years making payments on new vehicles. So, when you’re making a decision that important, you want to work with a good dealership.

A good dealership isn’t always easy to find. You’re likely to pass several car lots on any major highway, but knowing which one to trust can be tricky. Though Riverside is home to several different Ford dealerships, including Fritts ford, you have to find a dealership where you’re comfortable, where the sales people are helpful but not forceful and where the price is right. That’s just what you’ll find at Fairview Ford.

Fairview Ford’s employees are there to serve. Like any good dealership, they are helpful and knowledgeable about the vehicles they’re selling. They drive the cars themselves and can tell you all the pros and cons of each of them. They aren’t just looking to make a sale. They want to help you find a car that will last you years and that will be a safe, convenient and stylish way to transport your family. A good dealership today will also have a website where you can peruse their selection for an idea of what they have available on the lot and decide what you might be interested in before you arrive. Fairview Ford makes that easy to do on their website,

If you’re looking for a good dealership to do business with, remember to check out their website and find a place where the salesmen make you feel comfortable and want to find the right car for you instead of just making a sale.

Dunlop Sport BluResponse Featured in

Excellent Wet Performance

The Sport BluResponse uses special polymer compound intended to increase the levels of grip and handling when driving on wet surfaces. The tyre has been designed with large central grooves to aid in the evacuation of water quickly – significantly lowering the chances of aquaplaning.

Dunlop’s Short Braking technology in the tyre tyre blocks also help to reduce the braking distances on both dry and wet roads.


Fuel Savings & Quiet Ride

When designing the Sport BluResponse, Dunlop employed an aerodynamic shape and used a low heat compound to lower the amount of rolling resistance – up to 30% lower, in Dunlop’s internal tests, when comparing the tyre to its predecessor, the Dunlop SP FastResponse.

To try and improve the quality of the ride, Dunlop also use closed shoulder grooves on the tyre to suppress the level of noise – making for a quieter journey ride.

Find out more about the wet performance technology in the Dunlop Sport BluResponse:

What The Magazines Say

Auto Express

auto-express-logoFollowing the product launch in early 2013, Jamie Fretwell from Auto Express tested the tyres and said, “the BluResponse is a worthy addition to the brand’s range.

“Polymers in the tyre help it adapt to the road surface quickly. Cornering grip in the wet was impressive and the car turned in nicely, with the tyre’s stiff outer shoulder helping here.”

Auto Zeitung

AutoZeit_DU_Sport_BluRespoWhen German car magazine got their hands on the Dunlop tyre as a part of their annual tyre tests in 2013, they declared it the eventual winner.

In their report they described the tyre by saying, “the Dunlop Sport BluResponse is driving at the highest level, on wet or on the dry! The tyre is fast and secure.”

The Best of the Best – LA Beaches to Discover

There are more than twenty beaches to choose from in LA County alone so you may find it difficult deciding which one to visit on a lazy sunny afternoon. Residents all have their favorites; visitors are not quite so clued up so here’s just a little bit of information to tell you about the best of the best beaches LA has to offer – well, I certainly think so . . . you might have other ideas.

State beach – Leo Carrillo – one of the big advantages of this beach is that you can generally find plenty of space to relax, it’s certainly one of the least crowded beaches in LA but that’s not because it’s not a great beach, it’s because it’s a little further away from LA than many of the later beaches on this list. If you’ve got the time and the inclination to take a drive head to this fabulous scenic beach and enjoy a swim, go surfing, tide pooling, scuba diving, surf fishing or windsurfing . . . in fact whatever you like to do on the beach you can do here. Check out the fabulous caves too.


Abalone Cove – is another great beach but kind of the opposite of Leo Carrillo – it gets pretty crowded on sunny weekends and holidays but hey, that’s because the quality of the water is second to none and there are fabulous views across the ocean. It’s just a fabulous place to swim or go tide pooling.

Zuma Beach – is the furthest north of all LA beaches but it sure attracts the crowds on high days and holidays even though the water temperature is generally a little lower than the more southerly beaches. It’s also a fabulous place to indulge in a spot of beach volleyball, you might be lucky enough to spot a whale or two in the winter time . . . you should even keep your eyes peeled for dolphins playing in the surf. Well worth the trip.

Venice Beach – a trip to LA isn’t a trip to LA without a trip to Venice Beach . . . where is it . . . in Venice of course. This is a vibrant, chaotic and often noisy beach which some people love and some people avoid. It can be quite difficult to reach on the busier days – you’ll certainly have plenty of opportunity to indulge in a spot of people watching, walking or even go for a bike ride. Prepare yourself for some rather unusual sights on this beach.


Malibu Lagoon – just the name is enough to tell you that this fabulous beach is well worth the trip. As well as doing the usual beach type stuff you can explore the fantastic wetlands or even dream of how the other half live in the exclusive and very expensive neighborhood. Take a swim, enjoy a little tide pooling, walk and watch the wildlife. If you’re really just a “sand and ocean” type of family you may prefer to visit some of the other fantastic beaches on this list.

Paradise Cove – sounds divine and it really is, but the downside is you’ll have to pay for the privilege of visiting this wonderful location. If you do decide to take the plunge you won’t be disappointed – it’s fun, it’s lively and it’s a great place to enjoy the sunshine.


Getting to the beaches doesn’t have to be a problem, when it comes to used cars los angeles has plenty of dealerships to choose from although you really ought to take a peek at, they’ve got some fabulous motors to choose from, both new and used.